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Top 10 - attractions for kids in New York City

1.American Museum of Natural History

Address: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States.
Opening hours: Wed-Sun - 10am-5:30pm, Mon-Wed - closed
Date of creation: April 6, 1869.
Prices: 13-33$
What the attraction contains: fossils, artifacts, display of dinosaurs and other extinct mammals, planetarium.
Link to the attraction's website:


American Museum of Historyand Natural History is the most popular natural history museum in the world, located in Manhattan. The facility covers an area of 81 thousand sqm and consists of as many as 25 interconnected buildings. Admission to the museum for an adult is 23$, while the ticket price for children is 13$. However, the above ticket prices do not include temporary exhibitions, for which an additional fee must be paid.

The number of collections of the museum is more than 130 million exp.onates, including dinosaur bones, animal models or artifacts of ancient cultures. An additional attraction for the youngest tourists will be free tours organized on the museum grounds, including, among other things, a tour on the trail of exhibits that have appeared in the film "Night at the Museum".

Some of the most interesting exhibits include. exhibition of dinosaur bones, mock-ups showcasing a particular community from several hundred years ago.

2.Queens Zoo

Address: 53-51 111th St, Queens, NY 11368, United States.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun - 10am-5:30pm
Date of creation: October 26, 1968.
Prices: 6.95-9.95$
What the attraction contains: 75 species of animals, Queens Botanical Garden, Citi Field, Flushing Meadows Carousel.
Link to the attraction's website:


Queens Zoo is a zoo with a total area of as much as 7.3 ha. It is an integrated part of the system 4 zoos As well as one aquarium. It was opened in 1968. Admission for an adult is 9,95$, while the ticket price for children is 6,95$, with the exception of toddlers under 2 years old, who have a free admission to the zoo grounds.

The zoo brings together as many as 75 different species of animals, which have their natural habitat in the Americas. The rarest, and therefore the most popular specimens among the animals are unique Andean bears.

The real fun for the youngest visitors is the Flushing Meadows Carousel With extravagant ornamentation. At the disposal of the kids are 64 figures of jumping horses, 7 standing horses, 1 lion and 2 chariots. The most famous attractions also include the charming Botanical Garden or the Natatorium With an Olympic-sized swimming pool and an ice rink.

3.Children's Museum Of Manhattan

Address: 212 W 83rd St, New York, NY 10024, United States
Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 10am-5pm
Date of creation: 1973 r.
Prices: 13-16$
What's included in the attraction: interactive educational exhibits for the youngest.
Link to the attraction's website:


Children's Museum Of Manhattan is the most popular museum created with the little ones in mind, located on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Each year, visitors increase, as evidenced by 2021, which saw an increase of 25 000. Admission to the museum for an adult is 16$, while the ticket price for children over 1 year old is 13$. It is also possible to purchase of season tickets, which entitle you to multiple visits to the museum.

The museum has numerous educational exhibitions, which are designed for specific age groups of children. Most of them are interactive, stimulates children's imagination, and also fulfills an extremely important role, namely - it entertains by teaching.

Currently, the museum offers, among other things. exhibition Inside Art: Create, Climb, Collaborate or an outdoor exhibition. Dynamic H2O for all ages.

4.New York Science Hall

Address: 47-01 111th St, Queens, NY 11368, United States.
Opening hours: Wed-Fri - 2-5pm, Sat-Sun - 10am-5pm, Mon-Wed - closed
Date of creation: 1964 r.
Prices: 11-22$
What the attraction includes: scientific exhibitions, including outdoors; a design laboratory.
Link to the attraction's website:


New York Science Hall is both a museum and the only hands-on science and technology center in New York. Inside the facility you can see over 400 exhibits, related to various fields of science, especially biology, chemistry or physics. However, the main purpose of the museum is education of the youngest.

Admission to the museum for an adult is 14$, while it costs 11$ for children, students or senior citizens. Admission tickets can also be purchased for an additional fee, including. to 3D Theater. It is also possible to buy a membership for the whole family or purchase a All Inclusive ticket, which includes all attractions in the price.

NYSCI also organizes many workshops for the youngest, where they acquire new manual and practical skills for everyday life. In addition, the museum's resources include a number of interesting permanent exhibitions, and they include, for example. gingerbread avenue, rocket park, technology gallery whether amateur radio station. In addition, it is complemented by temporary exhibitions.

5.New York Aquarium

Address: 602 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, United States.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 10am-6pm
Date of creation: December 10, 1896.
Prices: 24.95-29.95$
What's included in the attraction: special exhibitions featuring aquatic wildlife, vintage water equipment, 4D cinema.
Link to the attraction's website:


New York Aquarium is the oldest continuously operating aquarium in the entire United States with a total area of 5.7 ha. Like the Queens Zoo is an integrated part of the system 4 zoos. It was opened in 1896, then in a different location.

Admission prices vary by season. Admission for an adult (over 13 years old) during the summer/holiday season is 29,95$, while for children (3-12 years old) the ticket price is 24,95$. In the low season, prices slightly are reduced.

The aquarium is home to 266 wild aquatic speciesnych, and the mission behind the site is to raise awareness on topics centered around the problems facing the ocean and its aquatic inhabitants.

As of 2018, the aquarium boasts a 5 permanent exhibitions, i.e. Aquatheater, Conservation Hall, Sea Cliffs, Invertebrates and Ocean Wonders: Sharks! Also worthy of special attention is the Batysfera, an original, historic deep-sea submarine that was in use in the 1930s.

6.Central Park

Address: downtown Manhattan, between 110th Street to the north and 59th Street to the south, and Eighth Avenue (to the west and Fifth Avenue to the east.
Opening hours: around the clock
Date of creation: 1857 r.
Prices: free admission
What the attraction includes: gardens, playgrounds, museums, zoo, Belvedere Castle.
Link to the attraction's website:


Central Park is a city park, the fundamental part of which is the greenery that surrounds it. It covers as much as 341 hectares, thus being a 1.5 times the size of the Principality of Monaco. The park's infrastructure, a multitude of walking and biking paths, ponds and cultural and entertainment facilities are conducive to relaxation, even with the youngest kids.

It's impossible to list all the attractions hidden behind the magical Central Park. Nevertheless, when taking little ones on a trip, it is worth focusing on those that will give them the most fun. One such attraction will be The oldest and largest Hecksher Playground, which abounds in an area of swings, tunnels, climbers, ramps, slides, and in summer also includes two water areas.

In addition, the little explorers will have at their disposal Zoo, carousel And there is the possibility of organizing a picnic for children. Central Park by virtue of its designation as a city park, is open 24 hours a day, and admission is entirely free.

7.Coney Island Luna Park

Address: 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, United States.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu - 12-22:00, Fri-Sat - 11-00:00, Sun - 11-21:00
Date of creation: May 29, 2010.
Prices: 38-62$
What the attraction includes: roller coasters, carousels, racetracks.
Link to the attraction's website:


Coney Island Luna Park is an amusement park located on Coney Island on Brooklyn. Its name is meant to pay homage to the original 1903 Luna Park, which burned down in the 1940s. The park boasts as many as 19 new mechanical trains, interactive games, racetracks or carousels developed with the youngest in mind.

In total, the amusement park has 36 in its inventory diverse attractions, Which will satisfy both children and teenagers, and even adults. For the youngest wards are particularly recommended wooden B&B Carousel With beautiful figures of horses, as well as Cups, which fancy rotate around the teapot.

Ticket prices are based on a person's height and thus children pay half as much for admission due to their small size. In addition, there is an opportunity at Luna Park to eat a meal at a promotional price, and even entertained with live music.

8.Sugar Hill Children's Museum Of Art & Storytelling

Address: 898 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10032, United States.
Opening hours: saturday - 10 am - 3 pm, sunday - friday - closed
Date of creation: 2015 r.
Pricing: 4-7$
What the attraction includes: exhibitions of art created by the youngest artists, studio labs.
Link to the attraction's website:


Sugar Hill Children's Museum Of Art & Storytelling is a relatively new place on the New York City map of attractions for the youngest. It has been in existence since 2015, and its main goal is to Developing children's artistic interests and educating them about the arts in the broadest sense.

Children Under the age of 8 can use the museum's resources free of charge, on the other hand, young people under 17 must pay an entrance ticket worth 4$. The fee for adults, on the other hand, is 7$.

Inside the museum, children can develop their interest in art and painting through active practice in the studios. In addition, the little ones have the opportunity to learn the secrets of writing stories. Children create their their own works, take part in lectures, and they can also use the reading corner provided by the museum.

9.Hudson River Park

Address: from 59th Street south to Battery Park in the New York City borough of Manhattan
Opening hours: depending on park districts, hours may vary
Date of creation: 1907 r.
Prices: free admission
What the attraction includes: sports fields, bicycle paths, water park, skatepark.
Link to the attraction's website:


Hudson River Park is a park that provides an oasis for New Yorkers, while a desirable recreational facility for tourists. It extends to over 7 km, and its surface area closes in 220 ha 550 acres.

It is difficult to list all the attractions that the charming Hudson River Park has in store. But it is worth noting that it is rich in various types of attractions designed for the youngest visitors. The first place that should be a must-see on your list of attractions is Chelsea Waterside Park, which abounds in water entertainment for the whole family.

In addition, the park has an extensive range of playgrounds, located successively on the Pier25 and Pier51. They are all filled swings, slides and climbing structures. In addition, every day the park organizes various attractions and outdoor events to make your stay more interesting.

10.New York Transit Museum

Address: 99 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States.
Opening hours: Thurs-Sun - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mon-Wed - closed
Date of creation: July 4, 1976.
Prices: $5-10
What the attraction contains: souvenirs related to urban transportation, rail and bus artifacts.
Link to the attraction's website:


New York Transit Museum is a place where historical treasures of New York's public transportation reign supreme. It is located in a disused Court Street subway station in Brooklyn. The facility has a number of artifacts related to each type of transportation in its inventory. Admission to the museum for an adult is 10$, while for children from 2 to 17 years old the ticket price is 5$.

The museum's collection is very diverse, ranging from antique vehicles to collections of land transport systems. This is quite a treat for the youngest viewers, who will certainly be interested in A rich collection of vehicles from the past and present.

To most popular exhibitswhich the museum owns include, among others, the first air-conditioned bus from 1956 or the exhibition On The Streets, which provides a comprehensive history of New York's street transportation.

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