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Top 10 - attractions for children in Rome


Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 9am-7:15pm
Prices: €2-22
Date of creation: 80 AD.
What the attraction includes: the original remains of the amphitheater
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Colosseum, also known as the amphitheater of the Flavians, who recommended its construction, is the most famous structure in all of Rome, which attracts scores of tourists from all corners of the world every year.

Admission to the arena is Free for children and teenagers up to age 17., while for an adult the cost of a ticket is €16. In turn, people in the age range 18-25 years old pay only €2 For entrance to the Colosseum. There are also ticket options more expensive than the standard ones. This is priced at €22, which allow you to visit the entire Colosseum, its arena and the Roman Forum and Palatine.

In addition to visiting the historic Colosseum itself, it's worth visiting the nearby center of ancient Rome, viz. Roman Forum, as well as the amazing Palatine Hill, which is the site of the oldest ancient settlement. Both of these sites can be visited for the price of the basic ticket, without having to pay extra.

2.Bioparco Zoo

Address: V. le del Giardino Zoologico, 1, 00197 Roma RM, Italy
Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 9:30am-6pm, Sat-Sun - 9:30am-7pm
Prices: 11,50-19 EUR
Date of creation: January 5, 1911.
What the attraction contains: endangered species
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Bioparco Zoo is a charming zoo, located on the grounds of the Borghese Gardens Rome. It has an area of 17ha and is home to more than 200 animal species.

Admission to the zoo in the case of Full Open ticket, for children under 100 cm in height is free, while the ticket for children over this measure is EUR 6.00. Adults are required to pay EUR 19.00. There are also various discounts on tickets when you purchase a ticket and use it within a specific time period.

The zoo from 1998 is referred to as a biopark because of its mission to save endangered animal species. The zoo's resources include the Asian lion area, the owl area and the recently opened new sea lion area.

In addition, during the summer, the zoo holds many events about entertainment For the youngest visitors, among others. opportunity to feed the animals.


Address: Vicolo del Casale Lumbroso, 200, 00166 Roma RM, Italy.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 9:30am-6:30pm, Sat - 9:30am-8pm, Sun - 9:30am-7pm
Prices: €9-18
Date of creation: 1995 r.
What the attraction includes: extreme water attractions, artificial waves, recreational pools
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Hydromania is a water park located in La Massimina-Casal Lumbroso in Rome. It was established in 1995 and has since become one of the most visited Roman attractions by tourists.

Admission tickets to the park are differentiated. You can purchase a standard ticket that allows entry, the price of which for an adult on a weekday until noon is EUR 16.50, in the afternoon EUR 11, on the other hand, on weekends - EUR 18. Children whose height does not exceed 150 cm can enter for free at any time of the day, while for young people above this measure, ticket prices start from EUR 9. In addition, each ticket can be purchased in an extended version, i.e. with the option of a meal, snack or overnight stay, which the water park offers.

Among the most popular attractions Hydromania includes: fastest italian slide, a pool with artificial waves or 6-lane water slide.

4.Rainbow Magicland

Address: Via della Pace, 00038 Valmontone RM, Italy
Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 10:30-22:00, Sat - 10:30-01:00, Sun - 10:30-22:00
Prices: €9.90-37
Date of creation: May 26, 2011.
What the attraction includes: themed playgrounds, roller coasters, haunted house, carousels
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Rainbow Magicland is a relatively new entertainment venue on Rome's attraction map. It was built in 2011 and is located about 55 km from the center of the Italian capital.

Admission to the amusement park price depends on several factors, namely - on the form of ticket purchase (online or stationary), on the height (children under 100 cm enter the park for free), and on the time of day or year (ticket prices are lower around September-October). There is also possibility to buy group tickets for families or organized groups.

On the territory of Rainbow Magicland there are many catering outletsh - restaurants, bars, but also convenience stores.

Some of the most famous landmarks of this park include: a tall on the 35 m Shock roller coaster, 500 m2 playground for the youngest or Europe's largest Planetarium.

5.Borghese Gardens

Address: Piazzale Napoleone I, 00197 Roma RM, Italy
Opening hours: around the clock
Prices: free admission
Date of creation: 1605 r.
What the attraction contains: temples, sculptures, copies of famous monuments,
Website link:


Charming complex of the Borghese gardens is one of the most beautiful areas in Rome that can be visited completely free of charge. The park was created back in 17th century commissioned by Cardinal Scipio Borghese. Today it is scaled with many engaging temples and sculptures that give the park area a unique character.

There are numerous places to enjoy aromatic, authentic Italian coffee in the complex. Moreover, there are recreational opportunities, such as. Renting a boat and sailing on a small lake whether tour of the Villa Borghese, which boasts a sizable collection of artworks. However, in this case you need to book tickets in advance, the price of which fluctuates around EUR 13.

Borghese Gardens is one of the few places where, during the exceptional heat, you can find shelter in the shade and take a break from the Italian sweltering heat.

6.Explora Museum

Address: Via Flaminia, 82, 00196 Roma RM, Italy
Opening hours: Tues-Fri - 12-13:45 / 15-16:45 / 17-18:45, Sat-Sun - 10-11:45 / 12-13:45 / 15-16:45 / 17-18:45, Mon - closed
Prices: 6-9 EUR
Date of creation: -
What the attraction includes: interactive exhibits, workshops and activities for children
Website link:


Explora Museum is one of the more popular sites in Rome for the youngest visitors for the purpose of education. The facility abounds with various interactive exhibitions, exhibits and organizes a number of projects designed to absorb children's learning and provide new knowledge through play.

Admission to the Explora Museum for year-old toddlers is free, while for children under 3 years a ticket price of 6 EUR. Kids from the age of 3 upwards are subject to the rate EUR 9 per ticket, the same as for adults. It is also possible to purchase tickets for organized groups, in which case the amounts change slightly.

At the Explora Museum, children have the opportunity to learn many new things through play. What's more, various projects and exhibitions on various topics are periodically organized concerning, for example, the latest technologies or ecology. For parents and tired kids there is a cafeteria, which will treat everyone with a delicious treat and aromatic coffee.

7.Gruppo Storico Romano Museum

Address: Via Appia Antica, 18, 00179 Roma RM, Italy.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 9am-7pm
Prices: no information available
Date of creation: 1994 r.
What the attraction includes: reconstructions of military clashes/ gladiatorial battles, recreation of original costumes, weapons, and everyday objects used by the ancient Romans
Website link:


Gruppo Storico Romano Museum is a cultural center established in 1994 By enthusiasts of ancient Roman culture. The main purpose behind this organization is to educate and maintain the memory of ancient times among visitors as well as the people of Rome.

There is also a Gladiators School Of Rome, which will definitely encourage the youngest tourists as a result of the organization of numerous reconstructions of gladiator fights. There are also performances of sprices of various situations from the life of the ancient Romans.

In addition, the foundation deals with arranging educational meetings for organized groups From schools or universities.

8.Oasi Park

Address: Via Tarquinio Collatino, 56/58, 00175 Roma RM, Italy
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday - 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Prices: €7-9
Date of creation: -
What the attraction includes: playgrounds, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, game room
Website link:


Oasi Park is an attractive amusement park with an area of over 5 000 m2, whose main mission is to provide the best fun for the youngest visitors.

Admission to the amusement park varies greatly in price. You can purchase tickets that provide entry to specific 10 attractions (EUR 7) or with an additional entrance to the playground (EUR 9). In addition, it is also possible to purchase a certain number of tokens, which can be spent on admission to certain attractions. Prices for such a card with tokens oscillate between EUR 30 and EUR 100.

In addition, organizing performances featuring princesses and fairy tale characters. There are also food and beverage outlets in Oasi Park.

Some of the most famous facilities in this park include: Snow White's train, Cinderella's carousel, Baloo's tower whether equipped games room.

9.Puppet Theatre - Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo

Address: Viale del Gianicolo, 00165 Roma RM, Italy.
Opening hours: Sat-Sun - 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Prices: free admission
Date of creation: -
What the attraction includes: organized performances/spectacles with rag puppets
Website link:


Teatrino di Pulcinella al. Gianicolo Puppet Theater is a small, wooden theater located outdoors; one of the most popular puppet theaters in Europe. The main actors, as the name suggests, are rag dolls or puppets, moved by people. The most popular of theatrical characters is the Italian Pulcinella doll, which with its charm will delight not one young art connoisseur.

The performances are staged every weekend in the afternoon in the park, which is located on the Gianicolo hill In the artistic district of Rome, i.e. Trastevere.

The best time of year to visit this charming place is the summer and spring months due to the form of the performances held. A seance for everyone is completely free.

10.Technotown Museum

Address: Villa Torlonia, via Lazzaro Spallanzani 1/A 00161 Rome, Italy.
Opening hours: Tues-Sun - 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday - closed
Prices: 1 EUR
Date of creation: 2006 r.
What the attraction includes: interactive exhibitions and educational games and workshops
Website link:

Technotown Museum is a modern educational science and technology center whose main mission is to instill in children a desire to learn. The facility was built in 2006 and is designed for children aged 6 and older. It is located on the grounds of one of Rome's public parks, viz. Villa Torlonia.

Tickets to the museum are €1, but no advance reservation is required.
The museum organizes many exhibitions and interactive games for young people to help them learn about the world of science from the entertainment side. Of all the attractions, the most prominent are: Programming the movements of a LEGO robot or experimenting with special effects.

However, it is worth noting that such activities take place in the small groups, rather than for a single child.

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